Link in bio: The no.1 most effective way to optimise it

by | May 31, 2024 | Your Brand

Is it time to ditch the link in bio landing page?

No – but let’s control it. How?

Host a dedicated page on our own website.

No matter what your business is, this is one thing you can do to help yourself today.

Owning your link in bio real estate is a complete game-changer.

Here are 7 reasons why:

Link in bio platforms - time to ditch them?

#1. Brand consistency is key

Your brand is your identity. When potential customers click on your link, you want them to be immersed in your world from the get-go. With a “link in bio” platform, you’re essentially bringing them into someone else’s space. Hosting a page on your own site means everything from the colours to the fonts to the layout shouts your brand

#2. owning your link in bio page gives you total control over content

When you host your own link in bio page, you have complete control over the content and design. Want to embed a quirky animation? Go for it. Need to update your latest offers or news? Done. With third-party platforms, you’re often limited by their design and functionality. On your site, the sky’s the limit.

#3. owning your link in bio page gives you SEO benefits

Let’s get a bit techy for a second. Hosting your page on your own website is a fantastic way to boost your SEO. Every click and visit to your link in bio page is an opportunity to improve your search engine rankings. More traffic to your site means Google starts to take notice. Before you know it, you’re climbing those search results. Plus, internal links to other pages on your site can keep visitors engaged and exploring more of what you offer, what’s not to love about that?

Link in bio page on your website gives you brand control

# 4. owning your link in bio page builds trust with your audience

When users click on a link and are directed to a third-party platform, it can sometimes feel a bit off-brand or even spammy. A dedicated page on your own website feels professional and trustworthy. It shows that you’re serious about your business and invested in providing a smooth, reliable user experience.

#5. owning your link in bio page gives you enhanced analytics

Data is gold. Hosting your link in bio page on your own website, you can integrate analytics to give you detailed insight into your visitors’ behaviour. You’ll know where they’re clicking, how long they’re staying, and what’s driving conversions. This data is invaluable for tweaking your strategies and making properly informed decisions. Most “link in bio” platforms offer limited analytics, which leave you guessing, and potentially repeating the same mistakes.

#6. owning your link in bio page offers better user experience

User experience is everything. When you create a page on your own site, you can tailor the journey to your audience’s needs. Clean, intuitive navigation, optimised loading times, and mobile responsiveness – all these elements are under your control. A well-crafted user experience keeps potential customers engaged and more likely to convert.

#7. owning your link in bio page showcases your unique style

No matter your business, your style sets you apart. A custom page allows you to showcase your unique aesthetic and personality. It’s a chance to wow visitors from the first click and give them a taste of what working with you will be like. It’s your mini-portfolio right there, doing its magic.

Running our own businesses means that we’ve got to stay ahead of the curve, and give ourselves every advantage.

While “link in bio” platforms offer convenience, they can’t compete with the depth and versatility of hosting a dedicated page on your own website.

It’s about taking full control of your brand, your content, and your user’s experience.

So, it’s time to ditch the middleman and make your website the star of the show. Trust me, your business will thank you for it.

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