crafting beautiful brand stories & engaging digital spaces for female entrepreneurs • crafting beautiful brand stories & engaging digital spaces for female entrepreneurs • crafting beautiful brand stories & engaging digital spaces for female entrepreneurs • crafting beautiful brand stories & engaging digital spaces for female entrepreneurs • crafting beautiful brand stories & engaging digital spaces for female entrepreneurs • 

this is where women in business come

to grow their digital presence, and get the tools to make their ideas happen

Everyone that comes to me is looking for one or all of these things:


Clients Money Leads Ideas

but the problem is

…you’re a small business owner (or dreaming of becoming one!), and you have to wear so many hats, you just don’t know where to start with something new.

– Finding the time to take that step back and evaluate where your business can be bringing you more money is the most effective way to accelerate business growth.

that’s where I come in.

We’ll work together to create an impressive, and cohesive digital presence that gets results. You’ll gain a new confidence, and a clearer focus on your business goals, as well as having more time to actually achieve them.

Time to make your ideas happen…

here’s how I can help you:


web design

Not just another pretty website.

I create websites that are designed with the sole purpose of achieving your goals.

Yes, it will look amazing.

BUT it will also get you business.



branding / rebranding

Branding principles are the same for large or small companies, but there is a common misconception that getting a coherent brand message is only for big business.

A perfectly coordinated suite of branding elements are essential for successful audience engagement and brand awareness, whatever your size.


content strategy

All of your content should serve a purpose & should always be taking you one step closer towards that end goal.

A good content strategy makes running your business easier.

It’s a bit of a no brainer…


90-day plan

We will work together to create a clear, comprehensive, and goal focussed 3-month plan getting your business from where it currently is, to the place you’ve dreamed of it being.

Start your journey to a more profitable business, a more seamless workflow, more tangible goals with measurable results, and an improved confidence and outlook to thrive in your new-found potential.

“Shirley Elizabeth is one of the best. It was an absolute pleasure working with her & getting such tangible results.”


I wasn’t always in the tech world – if I can do it, anyone can do it…

I help women in business to reach the goals they don’t even know they’ve set yet.

Sometimes you’re so busy running your business that you forget about your potential. Together, we will work to create your brilliant and achievable goals, and carve out the path for you to get there.


Do you know where your business could be making more money?

The best way to find out exactly how I can help you in your business, or get your ideas off the ground, is to book in for a consultation call with me.

It’s completely free, so you have nothing to lose.

It’s all about the mindset…
Understanding that the way you think makes a massive difference to your outcomes is key.

As an NLP Master Practitioner, I will work with you to make sure that your confidence flows, and you live from a state of abundance.

notes from
the journal…

some easy tips
to help you
literally skyrocket

your productivity

useful to know

“She makes it so easy to understand”

I recommend Shirley, as everything seems simple with her onboard. Nothing is a problem, even when there is a problem! Put simply, my business is better because of her.

Jay, past client

“I’ve achieved goals I wouldn’t have set”

I’d lost some confidence working on my own for so long, and quickly regained that working with Shirley. I have now reached goals that I wouldn’t even have set.

claire, past client

“I’m now in love with tech!”

I now realise what an asset my website actually is, and am not afraid to embrace the techy side of things. I just didn’t understand it before. Classic technophobe!

emma, past client

my mission

To help women fully embrace their potential, gain a confident mindset
& know their

true worth.

Need More Confidence?

A different way of thinking to start your day can make a massive impact, not only to your confidence levels, but also your productivity.

Just sign up to the 5-day programme your transformation...

I have now worked to create 100’s of strong and beautiful brands, working alongside all of these fabulous women, giving them the means to take their businesses all the way to the next level. Let’s make yours the next one.

I look forward to working with you x